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Collandra North

Our home and main farm is situated just outside the small coastal town of Tumby Bay. The property comprises approximately 6,500 acres, varying from rich flats rising to gently rolling hills, and an annual rainfall of 325 mm to 400 mm.

Collandra North runs 1250 stud ewes, cutting 8kg fleece wool at 20.7 micron, 69% wool yield and 80kg mature ewe weight.

Koppio Vale

Located 42km north of Port Lincoln, with 450mm rainfall, this property runs 700 commercial ewes on improved medic and clover country. Much of the country is cropped with wheat, canola and faba beans. Stud ewe hoggets are run on faba bean stubble over summer.


Ewes cut 7kg of 20 micron wool at 70% yield and ewe mature body weight it 70kg.

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Koppio Station

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Located in the Koppio Hills, 42kms North of Port Lincoln. Koppio Station was a pastoral run from early settlement in the mid 1800's and still operates as a highly reliable mixed farming enterprise. 900 acres are arable and 1100 acres are grazing. Crop varieties include wheat, canola and Faba beans.


Livestock consists of 600 poll merino ewes and are run as a self replacing flock of 20 micron with 72% yield cutting 7kg wool.